Around the World in Middle Grade Books

travelOne of the best things about reading, especially as a child, is “visiting” places you’ve never been before (and sometimes places that don’t even exist!). It’s like an instant vacation. You can travel around the world without ever leaving the spot you’re sitting—an amazing experience, when you really think about it, and invaluable for people who may not otherwise be able to physically travel to far-away cities or countries.  Continue Reading

Favorite Beginning Readers

Beginning reader books are an excellent and often-used resource for children who are just starting to take steps to reading on their own. Many of us remember them from our own childhoods: thin paperback books with short chapters and large print, divided into “levels” to help build reading skills. In recent years, however, this genre has grown to become more expansive and diverse than ever, with many new, original stories appearing on the shelves each year. Continue Reading

Author Spotlight: Nikki Grimes

Happy February! It’s Black History Month, an important time for learning and reflection, especially within the book community. This month we honor those from the past who worked tirelessly to fight against prejudice and discrimination, as well as celebrate the contributions of African-American authors and illustrators to literature as a whole.  Continue Reading