A Thanksgiving Bounty of Stories

Yay…It’s finally here!! The start of the holiday season has begun today with Thanksgiving. Over the years, this holiday has come to mean more and more to me. I love the chance to share a special meal with my family while we catch up and dig in to noodles, casseroles, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, turkey, pie, cookies, the list goes on and on. Truly, it’s a wonder any of us can leave the table. Below are five of my favorite books that celebrate feasting with your friends and family.

A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting and illustrations by Diane de Groat. Mr. and Mrs. Moose are getting their table ready for Thanksgiving dinner and inviting their friends. However, the turkey in this story is nobody’s fool. When he hears that Mr. and Mrs. Moose are looking to have a turkey at dinner, he runs away. But, it soon becomes clear that Mr. and Mrs. Moose had something different in mind than roast turkey. A cute story about sharing the Thanksgiving meal with special friends.


Run, Turkey, Run! By Diane Mayr and illustrated by Laura Rader. A clever, simple story where a turkey does all he can to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner. A fun take on the turkey’s viewpoint of the holiday meal. But as the turkey’s tricks and hiding fall short, one’s thing for sure:

this turkey better run fast!


I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Allison Jackson and illustrated by Judith Byron Schachner. A delightful feast for the eyes and ears, as the familiar rhyme is given a holiday twist. As the old lady keeps eating, she grows larger and larger until she makes her own surprise addition to the Thanksgiving festivities. Sure to bring out the silly in all of us!


Thanksgiving at the Tappletons by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Megan Lloyd. As the Tappleton family prepares for a holiday feast, one food disaster after another ensues with typical panic and much hilarity. In fact, almost everything that could go wrong with dinner does (maybe the Tappletons should have been named the Murphys or the Griswolds), but at the end of the day they learn that spending time with family is what is most important about this holiday.


Over the River and Through the Wood by Lydia Maria Child with woodcut illustrations by Christopher Manson. The lovely woodcut illustrations add even more charm to this classic Thanksgiving tune. While most of us may not be traveling in a horse-drawn sleigh (whether or not the horse knows the way), many of us can relate to the anticipation and tradition of traveling to Grandfather and Grandmother’s house for delicious treats—“Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!”

As we all enjoy our own family traditions today, I wish you all a happy and yummy Thanksgiving!

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