The Perfect Gift

Books Under TreeMy favorite gift to see under the tree has always been a book. In fact, my favorite gift for any gift-giving occasion will always be a book. Why? Well in particular, I think there is something deeply personal about giving and receiving a book, especially a children’s book. As Meg Ryan’s character, Kathleen Kelly, says so aptly in the film You’ve Got Mail, “When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading your whole life does.” In case you’re still not sold on the idea, the following list explains exactly why books always make a perfect gift.

1. First of all, a book is a highly personalized gift. Your choice of book shows how well you know the person for whom the book is intended. You’re essentially acting as a matchmaker, and just as there is a lid for every pot, every book has a perfect reader.

2. If you know a child who is more into video games and gadgets than reading, giving a book is a chance to remind such a child that reading can be fun. It’s a chance to open a reluctant reader’s eyes to different genres and styles of writing that may have been previously overlooked. Certainly, toys with all the bells and whistles are entertaining, but one never outgrows the joy of reading a great book.

3. Giving a book to a child is a way to build a bond with her. It can be a way for you to introduce your favorite authors and stories to a new generation, forever linking you to the book in the child’s memory.

4. Finally, giving a book can be a great way to begin a new tradition. Perhaps the gifted book becomes a favorite bedtime story, or a story that you always read together during the holiday season like The Night Before Christmas.

So , if you’re looking for that final, perfect gift  for that special child in your life, why not choose a book?

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