Dear Santa…

Do you know a child who has a big imagination and loves stories of all kinds? Or maybe you know a child who has a little trouble getting his or her imagination into gear. In either case, you are in luck!

Starting in January, Blue Manatee will be hosting Amazing Amy’s Writing Club. The writing club will be for all young writers ages 8+ who want the chance to nurture their writing skills in a completely fun way, emphasis on fun. Each week we’ll be tackling a new writing adventure like creating our own twisted fairy tales, wacky survival guides, and more. Not only will all workshops be led by a certified teacher and writing instructor, but all members of the club will have the chance to see their writing published right here on our blog! Pretty nifty right?

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 19th,we will be having a sneak preview of Amazing Amy’s Writing Club from 4-5 pm. Space is limited, so if you haven’t already done so, drop by the store or call 513.731.2665 to register. Each workshop costs $8, or you can buy a package of six workshops for only $40.

Tomorrow’s sneak preview, arriving just in time for the holidays, will offer young writers the chance to try their hand at writing a holiday themed story (their very own Christmas Carol), letters to Santa, and more. Hope to see you there!

Santa in sky

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