Amazing Amy’s Writing Club Sneak Peak

Yesterday evening we had a sneak preview of Amazing Amy’s Writing Club at Blue Manatee. We had lots of fun sipping our hot chocolate and thinking of holiday fun to write stories about.

We wrote a story in the round, where each member of the writing club added his or her unique touch to the story. We came up with a pretty wacky story about a classic holiday treat (Puppy Chow) turning the kids who ate it into actual puppies. Lots of laughs ensued as the story grew crazier and crazier. Check out our story below:

puppy chow story

We also spent some time writing letters to Santa. You can check those out below too!  All in all, it was a fun evening filled with plenty of imagination and high spirits. If you missed last night’s fun, don’t worry. Amazing Amy’s Writing Club officially starts on Wed. Jan. 9th from 4-5 pm at Blue Manatee. All young authors (ages 8+) of all skill levels are welcome to join. Call 513-731-2665 or drop by and see us to register. Hope to see you there!

dear santa2

dear santa1

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