Silly Old Bear

PoohDid you happen to know that today is Winnie-the-Pooh Day? Well it is! So, in honor of this special day I decided to read for my new book of the week the original story of Winnie-the-Pooh. And while Pooh is one of my favorite characters of all time, I have always been slightly ashamed that I had never read the actual book. So, as this is the day to celebrate all things Pooh, I figured no time like the present!

Even though he does happen to be a bear of very little brain, I have always found Pooh’s simple statements to hint at very useful wisdom that is often in keeping with my own life. For instance, when Piglet asks Pooh what he says first thing in the morning, Pooh replies, “What’s for breakfast?” When Pooh asks Piglet the same question, Piglet replies, “I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?” Now, their answers may sound as though these unlikely friends have nothing in common, but as Pooh so wisely points out, thinking about breakfast and wondering about something exciting, well really, “It’s the same thing.” How perfectly wonderful to have a friend who understands you to such a nicety, and what shrewd perception to realize that breakfast is of course exciting.

Reading about characters I already knew so well, was a sheer delight. And it’s no wonder that Pooh and company have stood the test of time, because at times, we can all see a bit of ourselves in each of the characters. I know sometimes, like Eeyore, I doubt whether or not this morning is indeed a good morning. And sometimes, like Piglet, I can’t help but think “Oh, d-d-d-d-dear!” And sometimes, like Rabbit and Owl, I grow impatient when my friends aren’t immediately recognizing my brilliance. And almost always, like Pooh, I look forward to a treat–you know “just a little something in an hour or two!”

Today, I hope you will join with me in celebrating this very special, silly old bear. Take the time to read the tales we think we know so well from the cartoons.  And why not make your “little something” a delicious (and, as it happens, my favorite) Hunny Pot smoothie at the decafe? I know Pooh, wise simpleton that he is, would most heartily approve!

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