The Art of Survival

survivalHello all! This week for Amazing Amy’s Writing Club we tackled survival guides for our writing project. We discussed that, really, one might need a guide for surviving almost anything. So, we started by making a list of what one might need to survive on any given day. We titled our list “How to Survive…,” and it included such events/persons as an annoying little brother, a week without your allowance, a world without pizza or books (I must admit, those two scenarios I found particularly frightening), an alien invasion, a tornado, and how to survive the garden gnome apocalypse to name but a few.

As you can see, our list varied from the very real, to the probable, to the absurd. This observation brought us to a discussion of the use of tone in writing. We learned that just as when we speak, there is a tone involved when we write. So, we thought for a bit about what type of tone we would like to employ for our survival guides. We discussed using a sarcastic tone, a silly tone, a grounded tone, etc. Each author then chose for himself or herself what tone he or she would strive for. You can read the results by clicking here.

We ended our meeting as we always do by sharing our writing pieces. This is always my favorite part, as I love to hear everyone’s work come to life. I’m sure our next meeting will be no different, as we look at the point-of-view of some of our favorite villains. For instance, maybe the likes of Captain Hook and the Wicked Witch of the West were just misunderstood. I hope you can join us next Wednesday, Jan. 30th, from 4-5 pm as we turn up good vs. evil.


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