Celebrating 65 Years!

65 anniversary GBThis month (and most calendars say this actual day) marks the 65th Anniversary of Golden Books! Most of us I’m sure have grown up reading the likes of The Poky Little PuppyThe Saggy Baggy ElephantThe Happy Man and His Dump Truck, and The Shy Little Kitten. Now the list of Golden Books has expanded to some 250 titles, including Disney/Pixar characters and Nickelodeon characters for a new generation. But no matter the title, one is always sure to have a comfortable read  with fun illustrations and the encouragement to try reading on one’s own.

MotherGoose GBFor my new read this week, I decided to select a Golden Book I had somehow overlooked as a child: Walt Disney’s Mother Goose. This particular Golden Book features classic Disney cartoon illustrations to accompany the well-known nursery rhymes like “Little Jack Horner,” “Jack Sprat,” and “Hickory, Dickory, Dock”. It was fun to see Mickey and Minnie take on the rolls of Jack and Jill, and fittingly, Donald Duck as Humpty Dumpty and Goofy as Simply Simon.

This Golden Book was nothing but fun to read, and it made me want to track down all of my Golden Books from childhood. If you’re looking for some reading fun, one could do worse than a Little Golden Book.

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