A Chance to Meet Best-Selling Author: Peter Lerangis

This Saturday, February 9th, beginning at 4pm you will have the chance to meet author Peter Lerangis at our store as he signs his new book The Colossus Rises, the first book of his new highly anticipated middle-grade series: Seven WondersThe Colossus Rises was released this past Tuesday, and you can pick-up your copy before the signing if you wish, to get a jump on this exciting adventure series from the author of 39 Clues.

7 wondersThe first book in this new series begins just as 13-year-old Jack McKinley learns that he will die before he turns 14. His one hope to be cured is to help a secret organization retrieve seven magical objects–loculi–that have been lost among the ruins of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for thousands of years. When these seven loculi are combined, their power is limitless. In addition to saving Jack’s life, they can “displace oceans, destroy the earth, and bring back a lost civilization.” Jack’s race against time begins at the Colossus of Rhodes.

We hope you enjoy the start of this thrilling series as much as we did–and we look forward to seeing you this Saturday when we welcome Peter Lerangis to the store!!

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