Amazing and Epic Stories

For last week’s Amazing Amy’s Writing Club, we learned about epic stories and tragedies. Sounds like a hoot doesn’t it? I promise you it was more fun (and happy) than it sounds. We discussed that in a tragedy it is the hero or heroine who fails–usually in some spectacular way, often ending with the death of the hero or heroine. We learned that it is the hero’s/heroine’s actions that work against him or her with the end result of an ending that is sad (very much so), but perhaps an ending that didn’t have to be if only…

We talked about how the hero/heroine starts at the top with a seemingly perfect life, and then falls…hard. To illustrate this point, we watched a short Wile E. Coyote video: and we saw the coyote fall and fall and fall some more. We learned that the point of the long fall from grace, so to speak, is so that the audience can see the impending disaster before the characters do, thus making the story more sad and dramatic. In fact, we decided that our stories would be sooo sad that they required us to give our readers a warning, so they would know just how sad the story they were about to read was, and thus our consciences would be clean.

To write our stories, we used story maps and worksheets to outline who our characters would be and what downfall they could expect. We learned, that often with tragedies, the hero’s downfall involves a struggle for power or for love (and as it was the day before Valentine’s Day, this seemed very fitting). You can check out our awesomely sad, brilliantly tragic stories here.

For tonight’s class we will be writing about space exploration, including a plan for what we would do should we meet an alien–hey you never know… If you’d like to join us, we’ll be meeting this afternoon from 4-5pm at the store. Also, if I haven’t already done so, I’d like to give a shout out to the wonderful nonprofit program 826 National and its book Don’t Forget to Write for helping with some of the inspiration behind Amazing Amy’s Writing Club.

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