For last week’s Amazing Amy’s Writing Club, we  took a journey to a galaxy far, far, away. In some instances, very far indeed. That’s right– we were imagining adventures in space. And what adventure in space would be complete without a close encounter?

Our writers began the night by completing a space log, detailing their assumptions and observations about space. Next, we revved our imaginations to warp speed, and we all met some amazing aliens! After logging such facts about our aliens as what they looked like, what they ate, are they friendly, etc., we took the time to draw our aliens so we would always remember our encounter with them.

We ended the night by writing letters to our aliens. If you had the chance to be a pen pal with an alien, wouldn’t you be excited to write to him, or her, or it? Some of the aliens were chattier than others, and so several letters were exchanged. You can check out our space logs, pictures of the aliens, and our letters here.

For tonight’s meeting of Amazing Amy’s Writing Club we will be mixing and mashing different genres of storytelling. For instance, we might try our hands at a western-fantasy-thriller….who knows? The possibilities are endless.

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