We have our winners for the Show Your Love for Books contest. The challenge was to decorate our beloved manatee as a favorite character from a picture or chapter book. We had some great entries–clearly, Cincinnati has a young generation of creative artists (and book lovers)! We loved them all, but two entries in particular  stood out to our judges, and were announced as the winners at Thursday’s Show Your Love for Books Party.  And so, with no further ado, the winners are:

In the Picture Book Category:

Congratulations to Stella (age 2  1/2) for her Pinkalicious Manatee!

pinkalicious manatee_0002

Stella based her drawing on  Pinkalicious by Elizabeth and Victoria Kahn, and used markers, crayons, and glued a yellow paper crown for her creation.

pinkalicious-contest winner

Clearly, like Pinkalicious, Stella’s manatee ate one too many pink cupcakes!


In the Chapter Book Category:

Congratulations to Angel (age 11) for Cryptid Manatee!

Cryptid Manatee

Angel used crayons and Crayola Glitter Glue for this cryptid manatee based on Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith.

cryptid hunters-contest winner

I wonder if this cryptid manatee would be found on the island of Cryptos?

Congratulations again to both of our winners–I’m sure you can’t wait to use your   $25 gift card! You should both be so proud–you did a fantastic job! Thanks again to all of our participants. Your creativity was awesome!

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