Blue Manatee Welcomes Michael Buckley

 This week, in honor of author Michael Buckley’s visit to the Blue Manatee tomorrow, I decided I would choose one of his books for my new book of the week. Since I love a good fairy tale, I went with Book One of The Sisters Grimm series: The Fairy-Tale Detectives. What a fun read! I could certainly see why this series has become so popular.

I enjoyed all of the allusions to fairy tale stories and characters, as well as the little bits of legends and mythology that were thrown in for good measure. It was fun to see stories I know by heart turned on their ears, as well as to see such familiar characters in an unfamiliar light. Though I will admit I was a little bummed to see Beauty from Beauty and the Beast in a distinctly unfavorable manner–she was always one of my favorites. However, this feeling of disappointment in a beloved character just made me more in tune with the skeptical Sabrina’s hurt and confusion. Just as I was as excited as Daphne to meet fairy tale creatures, or Everafters as they’re called, in the “real” world. I think it might indeed be fun to be a Grimm Sister.

I hope you can join us tomorrow (Friday, March 8th) to meet Michael Buckley, the author of this wonderful series ( as well as the NERDS series). He will be at the store beginning at 4pm to sign books and do a reading of his hilarious new picture book: Kel Gilligan’s Daredevil Stunt Show. One thing’s for sure, this event is sure to be anything but grim!

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