Welcome to Amazing Amy’s JUNIOR Writing Club!

Thursday afternoon marked the first meeting for the Junior edition of Amazing Amy’s Writing Club. The young writers in the club had a zest for stories and were eager to try their hands at their own writing. I, for one, couldn’t have been more pleased with their willingness to jump right in. Their enthusiasm certainly made for a fun first meeting.

For our first meeting we learned about descriptive writing. We learned that in order to describe a thing or experience to readers, a writer must use specific details to help the reader know what is being described. For a look at some helpful examples we read It Begins With an A by Stephanie Calmenson.

begins with an a

In this book, the author gives clues to help describe objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet. For example, “A squirrel has a bushy one. It starts with a T. My dog has a happy one. She wags it for me.” The answer is of course a tail, but as we learned, it is the descriptive writing that makes us so sure of what the author is describing. We had a blast shouting out our guesses for each of the 24 objects.

Next, we thought of objects we would like to describe for our readers. Just like the book, we had to give three clues that described the object, as well as  draw a picture of what we were writing about. Our writers did a fantastic job!! You can check out their work by clicking here.

Next week, we will be celebrating the start of Spring, as well as Children’s Poetry Day, by writing our own spring poems. If you know a junior writer between the ages of 4-7, we’d love to see you join our writing club. You can call 513.731.2665 or swing by the store for more information or to register for a workshop. Hope to see you there!

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