Happy Spring!

Today is the day that Spring officially arrives. And while it was a chilly day, it was certainly lovely out in the sunshine. However, as we are not exactly out of the wintry woods yet, here is a list of some of my favorite  books to herald in spring time.

thundercake1. Thunder Cake- by Patricia Polacco was a favorite of mine as a child. The story follows a young girl who, like most children, suffers from a fear of storms–particularly the loud claps of thunder. Fortunately, the girl has a grandmother who helps take her mind off of her fear as they collect the ingredients to make a special cake while the storm draws ever nearer. By the end of the story, the girl is rewarded with a sense of pride in overcoming her fear–not to mention a delicious cake! (P.S. The recipe for thunder cake is included in the back, perfect for stormy days.)

lionlamb2. In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb- by Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully takes a literal view of the familiar saying. A young boy is confronted by the Lion of March who leaves a trail of snow flurries and muddy footprints wherever he goes. The boy is patient, and soon the lion’s roars become snores and a fluffy lamb enters the scene accompanied by flowers, sunshine, and baby animals. Let’s all hope for a speedy appearance by the gentle lamb.

spring is here3. Spring Is Here!- by Will Hillenbrand depicts a cute tale of friendship between Bear and Mole. Bear is hibernating, but Mole smells spring in the air and wants his friend to wake up and play with him. When even tickling a feather under Bear’s nose fails to wake the slumbering Bear, Mole makes a deliciously enormous breakfast and serves it to Bear in bed. Bear wakes up happy and declares, “Spring is here!” Yes Bear, indeed it is.

and then it's spring4. And Then It’s Spring- by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Erin Stead. In this charming story, a young boy and his dog decide to plant a garden to get rid of all the muddy brown. They wait, and worry, and wait, and finally hope until at last, on a sunny day after a rain, their garden “is still brown, but a hopeful, very possible sort of brown.” I don’t know about you, but I am certainly ready for the very possible and hopeful sort of brown–and based on the daffodils I saw peeking up from the ground, spring might actually be here.

little white rabbit5. Little White Rabbit- by Kevin Henkes is a darling of a book. It has bright, happy illustrations of a very imaginative bunny. The little white rabbit wonders what it might be like to be tall like a tree, green like the grass, or to flutter through the air like a butterfly. In this story, we get the feeling that anything is possible, and isn’t that exactly what spring is all about?


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