Happy Easter!

country bunnyI hope everyone had happy surprises in their Easter baskets and that you are all enjoying a day spent with friends and family. For my book of the week, I decided to pick a book about the Easter Bunny, and I found a happy story about how the Easter Bunny (or rather Bunnies) are selected with a wonderful message about the importance of kindness and patience in The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by Du Bose Heyward and illustrated by Marjorie Hack.

The Country Bunny tells the story of a young country bunny who dreams of becoming on of the five Easter Bunnies one day. The Easter Bunnies are selected based on their swiftness, kindness, and wisdom. The fast Jack Rabbits and fancy White Rabbits laugh at the idea of a little country bunny becoming an Easter Bunny, but the country bunny is determined. However, soon the country bunny finds herself the mother of 21 children, and her dream of becoming an Easter Bunny seems even further away. But she is a kind and excellent mother and she teaches her children all sorts of important life tasks. One day, the country bunny gets her chance to be one of the five Easter Bunnies and she gives it her all, and her last stop (with an Easter basket filled with colorful eggs) is her very own loving home.

This book developed from a father telling his daughter an Easter story every year, and the result is this poignant tale of believing in one’s self and the value living one’s life with kindness. A great story for not only Easter, but for any day of the year!

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