Draw Us a Story

Over the past two meetings of Amazing Amy’s Junior Writing Club we have been learning about story structure. We have talked about the beginning, the problem or plot, the solution to or consequence of the problem, and finally the ending. We learned that almost all stories can be broken down into these four simple, but essential steps.

To help illustrate this point, we talked about some of our favorite stories, and boiled the plot down to the aforementioned steps. We decided that this story structure was so fundamental, that sometimes you wouldn’t need words at all to tell your story. That simply drawing a beginning, followed by the problem and solution, and then the ending is so universal that when looking at the pictures our imaginations can fill in the story.

For example, we took a cue from the more advanced Writing Club and read  Stick by Steve Breen.


This book does a great job of using primarily illustrations to further the plot of the story. Not to mention that it follows the same pattern of beginning, problem, solution, and ending. Plus, the writing clubs really get a kick out of Stick’s (mis)adventures. You can check out the Writing Club Junior’s efforts at drawing their own stories by following the four key steps by clicking here.

This past week we continued our work on story structure by breaking down the basic components of fairy tales, but our work with those stories is still on going. This Thursday, at our last meeting for April, we will be finishing up our discussion of story structure, as well as reading My Garden by Kevin Henkes and writing about what we would grow in our gardens if we could grow anything…that’s right–anything at all. Hope to see you there!

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