Oh to Have a Tree Like Steve

tree steveAs the weather grows warmer we are treated with the sights of new leaves and blooms all around us. This time of year always makes me appreciate nature’s scenery. Of course, for some of us, nature offers us such a bond or connection that trees and the like can almost seem like a member of the family. This week’s book of the week is a story about a family’s connection with one particular tree, a tree named Steve.

The book, Our Tree Named Steve written by Alan Zweibel and illustrated by David Catrow, introduces us to wonderfully dependable tree named Steve. As the father writes a letter to his children reminiscing on all the ways Steve has been a part of their lives through the offering of shade, a place to hang drying clothes, the role of third base, not to mention acting as the centerpiece for family picnics, parties, camp outs, and neighborhood crushes it becomes quite clear that Steve is not only a great tree, but an extension of the family.

Of course, time changes all things, and Steve’s final “gift” to the family, while appreciated, is nonetheless difficult for the family. As Earth Day (April 22) draws nearer and nearer, I hope all of you find a moment to give thanks for the nature that surrounds your life, and in the meantime, spend a little time with a tree named Steve.

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