Hurrah for the Captain Underpants Contest!

captain underpantsHave you heard the exciting news? Captain Underpants author Dav Pilkey will be visiting Blue Manatee!! There are a limited number of tickets to meet Dav Pilkey on May 10th at 4:30, and they’re going fast!


Worried about tickets running out? Never fear, because children ages 5-10 can enter our contest to be the FIRST in line to meet the author, and win hardcover copies of his three newest books!! All you have to do is create the wackiest superhero you can come up with, and draw it on our official entry form. Don’t forget to describe your superhero’s powers, and point out the zany elements of his costume and gear- we’re looking for creativity above all. All submissions are due on May 1st, and can be submitted to Blue Manatee in person or emailed to
Entries will be posted right here on our blog, as well as featured on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. That’s right–not only will your entry potentially win you the coveted line ticket #1 and copies of  the three newest books of the Captain Underpants series, but you have the chance to win fame and glory for creating your own wacky superhero.
For the official rules and entry form click here. Good luck to you all, and may the wackiest superhero win!!

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