Colorful Poetry and Onomatopoeia

The past two meetings of the Amazing Amy’s Writing Club have produced some successful and highly creative work by our young authors! The members of the club have been working hard on creating stories that incorporate their own sound words, and in honor of April’s designation as Poetry Month, they have also put their pens (and pencils) to work writing rather colorful poetry.

First, they tackled the onomatopoeia–a long word used to explain words that make the sound they are describing. For example, Whooshbzzzzzzzand zap all come readily to mind. But the challenge for our members was two-fold: not only did they have to write a story using multiple sound words, they also had to determine how best to spell their words to produce the desired sound effect. They all rose admirably to the task (as they always do) and you can read their stories by clicking here.

Next, we moved on to poetry. Now poetry can be intimidating for some, but we learned that poems don’t always have to rhyme, and often they tell a story. Well, our members our pros when it comes to telling a story, but we decided to start by writing poems about different colors. In no time at all, we were seeing poems about what different colors make us think of, feel, taste, etc. Then, with the time left, a couple of our members started writing poems that told stories and featured fun rhyme schemes. You can see all of their poetry by clicking here.

The Writing Club, for authors ages 8+, will be meeting tomorrow afternoon from 4-5pm. Hope to see you there!

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