Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we celebrate all of our mothers, and with that in mind, this week’s book of the week is Someday by Alison McGhee and Peter H. Reynolds. This lovely book shares a mother’s hopes and wishes for her young daughter’s life.


The mother in this story fondly remembers her daughter holding tight to her hand when crossing the street and watching her sleeping daughter dream. It is in these dreaming moments that the mother shares the dreams she has for her daughter’s life. Some of these dreams are small like swinging as high as you can or running as fast as you can.  Still other dreams are rather poignant like watching her daughter go off on her own, and later, watching her daughter brush her own child’s hair. Finally, she wishes that when her daughter has silver hair she will still think of her mother.

This book makes a touching gift for Mother’s Day. In fact, it is a gift my own mother will find among her presents today. While any child will enjoy hearing about a mother’s never ending wonder and love for her child, I imagine all mothers will appreciate knowing that we are thankful for all that they wish for us, and that of course we will always think of them.

So today, while you’re spending the day celebrating Mom, treat her to a visit to Blue Manatee where all Moms are gifted free drip coffee or tea and 10% off of all bookstore purchases…our small way of saying thanks. Happy Mother’s Day!

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