Happy Mother’s Day from Blue Manatee

peter rabbitToday is the day we celebrate and honor all of the mothers in our lives. It’s a chance to let them know that we appreciate all that they do: hugs and kisses, cookies, fixing boo boos, and bedtime story reading. More often than not, Mom can make it better.

So as a small token of our gratitude, all moms can enjoy free drip coffee and tea in the cafe, as well as 10% off all purchases in the bookstore. And during your visit, check out these special books for Mom:

LoveYouForeverLove You Forever by Robert Munsch has now reached the status of a Mother’s Day classic. This simple and sweet story showcases the cycle of love a mother has for her child throughout infancy, the terrible twos, adolescence, and adulthood. By the end of the book, if you’re not a little teary–well, you’re tougher than I am.

A Gift for Mama by Linda Ravin Lodding is a lovely story about a young boy gift for mamatrying to find the perfect gift for his mother. It is a tale of kindness, sharing, and wonderful possibilities. In the end, his mama loves her gift, as we knew she would, but it’s Oskar’s journey that makes this book it’s own perfect gift.

lost superpowersThe Day I Lost My Superpowers by Michael Escoffier is a quirky tale, reminding us who the real superheroes are. A young girl shows off her superpowers, including flying down slides, making cupcakes disappear, and making plants freeze to name a few. But when her superpowers desert her for a moment, a true hero swoops in to make everything better. A delightful new book!

Happy Mother’ Day!

–From your friends at Blue Manatee

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