If You Read It, He Will Come

Taft bathIf you have visited Blue Manatee recently, you may have noticed a rather large sign with President Taft stuck in a bath. You may have also noticed a blue ribbon on this sign congratulating Cincinnati. What, you may have wondered, is this all about? We, along with Joseph-Beth and the Cincinnati Public Library, kept track of all the reads of President Taft is Stuck in the Bath by Mac Barnett, with illustrations by Chris Van Dusen. A “read” counted as a book purchase, a book check out from the library, or the book read aloud for story time (Mana Tots in Blue Manatee world). If we could get a combined 500 reads, author Mac Barnett would come to Cincinnati. Well, as the title of this blog suggests, he is indeed coming, as we had nearly 1,500 reads! Wow!!

If you haven’t yet read this funny book, you’re missing out. Most of us are probably familiar with the legendary presidential gaffe of Taft allegedly becoming stuck in a bath. Mac Barnett’s smart and silly text, helped along by Chris Van Dusen’s comical illustrations, explores the idea of if this event did indeed occur, how was President Taft removed from the bath? What is Congress to do, when the President is stuck in the bath? For good measure, the book also includes historical trivia about the US Presidents that we know to be true. A very clever read, sure to keep the giggles coming and the pages turning.

If you would like your chance to meet author Mac Barnett and hear him speak about Presidents, bath tubs, and everything in between, here’s where you can see him:

Saturday May 17th, at 11am                                                                                  Cincinnati Public Library, Main Branch                                                                      800 Vine Street                                                                                        Cincinnati, OH 45202                                                                                          513. 369. 6900


Saturday May 17th, at 2pm (so later that same day)                                                 Kenton County Library                                                                                             502 Scott Blvd.                                                                                                       Covington, KY 41011                                                                                               859. 962. 4060





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