Summer Time Reading

summer reading sunThe Huffington Post recently ran a blog by Pam Allyn about fostering summer reading and life-long reading practices and skills. You can read the full post here, but at the heart of the post, Allyn points out 5 key things you can do with your young reader to encourage summer reading.

First, Allyn suggests that you affirm your child’s reading strengths. Point out what he or she does really well: sounding out words, different voices when reading aloud, or even how he or she treats the books. The idea is to make your child feel proud of his or her reading habits.

Second, Allyn says to follow your child’s lead. In other words, give him a sense of control over what and how he is reading. For instance, some books are just not a good fit for certain readers. Especially in the summer time, instead of making finishing a book a chore, let there be an out. One rule I’ve made for myself over the years is the Three Chapter Rule. If a book hasn’t grabbed my interest by the end of three chapters, I give myself permission to move on.

Allyn’s third suggestion is to provide many different reading options and genres: newspapers, magazines, comics, cereal boxes, poetry, short stories, letters, etc. The opportunity for reading can be found everywhere. At the bottom of this post you will find a list of suggested summer reading titles that have been favorites at blue manatee.

For her fourth idea, Allyn highlights the joys of joining a community of readers like a book club or library summer reading program. There is nothing better than sharing excitement or asking questions over a book in common with a friend.

Finally, and I would argue most importantly, Allyn encourages you to read aloud with your child. Reading aloud is a great way to foster a love of reading during any season.

Check out some of our suggestions for summer reading fun! Stop by the store for these and other great recommendations!!

we were liars

harry potter sorcerer's stone**P.S.: On Aug. 18th,we are having a special back to school with Harry event!

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