Skippyjon Jones Drawing Contest

SJJ_SNOW_WHAT_coverIf you’re a fan of Skippyjon Jones, this is the contest for you! Author Judy Schachner will be visiting us on Oct. 27th at 4pm to sign her latest: Skippyjon Jones Snow What, and that got us thinking about all things Skippito Friskito, namely, who do we see ourselves as when we look in the mirror? Skippyjon Jones of course sees a Chihuahua that goes on adventures of derring-do (and very silly too!), but who do you see?

For this contest, draw a picture of who you see when you look in the mirror. Maybe you see a superhero? Or perhaps a princess or fairy? Or maybe you see a bandito just waiting to get called to action!

The contest begins Oct. 1st, with all entries due by 6pm October 17th. You may drop off your drawing at the store, or send it to The contest is open to friends ages 3-10, and there will be 2 winners announced on Oct. 22nd. Winners will receive line numbers 1 and 2 for the signing with Judy Schachner and a FREE copy of Skippyjon Jones Snow What from blue manatee!!

For the official entry form and complete contest details, click here. This contest es muy divertido for one and all! Best of luck!

skippyjon jones1

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