Happy 25th Mana-Versary Scavenger Hunt

Birthday Raffle Clue MarkerOn October 25th Blue Manatee will be celebrating our 25th Mana-Versary! All day long on the 25th we will be having special events like an All-Star ManaTots Story Time, Make-A-Mess, and a trivia game, in addition to 25% off your purchase for anyone who comes dressed as their favorite character from a book! Not to mention free cookies and raffle prizes!

As an extra fun way to enter the raffle drawing, we’re having a scavenger hunt. Beginning tomorrow Oct. 1st through Oct. 25th, a book, a signature on the wall, a sign, etc. will be singled out to find in our store each day. Each morning a new clue will be posted on Facebook and Twitter for a specific item to find in the store. Find it, and earn a raffle ticket for the prize drawing at our Birthday Party on Oct. 25th! If we manage to stump you with a clue or two, look for our scavenger hunt helper pictured above to help you find your way. The more items you find, the more raffle tickets you’ll earn! May the odds be ever in your favor…

Look for our first clue tomorrow morning, and if you have any questions, give us a call at 513.731.2665.

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