Skippyjon Jones Official Drawing Contest Entries

skippyjon jones1Blue manatee would like to extend our highest compliments and sincerest congratulations to all those who entered our Skippyjon Jones Drawing Contest. Truly, a job well done! The contest asked entrants to draw a picture of the alter ego they see when looking in the mirror, just like when Skippyjon Jones looks in the mirror and sees an adventurous chihuahua staring back at him.

Our contestants were fantastically imaginative, as we have entries that include superheroes (both of the feline and human varieties), fairy tale characters, sumo wrestlers, and even Yoda. They have been a delight to look over.

Even as I post this, our blue manatee staff of booksellers (some of them artists, all of them admirers of creativity) are voting on their favorite entries from the two age categories (ages 3-6; 7-10). They will be looking for originality above all else. The winners (one from each age group) will be announced this Wednesday! You can click here to see all of the artwork entered in the contest.

Again, a BIG thank you and congrats to all of our participants!!

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