New Releases: Picture Book Review

Fall is the season of new book releases! Over the past few weeks, blue manatee bookstore has received box after box of brand new reads, ranging from board books to YA. We could spend all day talking about our favorite new books, but today we’re going to focus on a particularly expansive category: picture books. There are so many great new picture books we can hardly keep up with them, so we’ve pulled a few of our favorites for you.


The Queen’s Hat, by Steve Antony

Simple in plot and style, this book takes readers on a whirlwind tour of London as all the palace guards attempt to retrieve the Queen’s hat, which has blown right off her head. Younger readers will find humor in the attempts of the Queen and her guards (who increase in number on every page) to keep up with the hat, while older readers will enjoy pointing out various London landmarks, such as Big Ben and the London Eye. Hats off to Antony, also the author of Please Mr Panda, for this entertaining new read.



The Full Moon at the Napping House, by Audrey and Don Wood

This much-anticipated follow up to a beloved classic doesn’t disappoint. This time, the full moon at the Napping House is making everyone restless and unable to sleep. A fidgety child, a sleepless granny, and a playful dog try in vain to fall asleep, until a little cricket comes along to help. We all know nothing can beat the original Napping House, but fans will find it easy to love this companion bedtime book.


McToad Mows Tiny Island, by Tom Angleberger and John Hendrix

McToad likes Thursdays. Why? Because on Thursdays, instead of mowing the grass on Big Island, he gets to mow Tiny Island. But in order to get his lawnmower to Tiny Island, McToad has to load it onto a truck, which drives it to a train, which carries it to a plane… You get the idea. The book is certainly a jackpot for kids who have a special interest in vehicles and transportation, and readers will no doubt be amused by the lengths to which McToad must go in order to transport his mower. Entertaining from truck to train and back again, McToad Mows Tiny Island will surely become a favorite.


The White Book

It may seem unconventional, but the pictures take center stage in this book with no words. Colorful illustrations depict the story of a boy who likes to paint animals on his wall, animals which promptly come to life as soon as they are completed. Although the absence of text may seem daunting at first, the illustrations tell a lovely story on their own, and the book offers parents and children the rare chance to verbalize the story together as they go. Kids of all ages will love being able to interpret the pictures in their own way, making The White Book a reading experience unlike any other.


Leo: A Ghost Story, by Mac Barnett and Christian Robinson

Mac Barnett is no stranger to the world of picture books, and he’s teamed up with illustrator Christian Robinson to create a truly wonderful story. Leo is a sweet story about a lonely little ghost who longs for a friend. After accidentally scaring the family who lives in his house, Leo roams the streets until he meets Jane, a playful girl who can see him and who lets him share in her games. But Jane thinks Leo is only her imaginary friend; what will she do when she finds out he’s actually a ghost?  A wonderful tale of friendship and belonging, Leo will warm the hearts of children and adults alike.

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