Fall Book Launch Follow Up


(from left to right) Dr. John Hutton, Noelle Dingeldein, and Andrew Neyer with their books

Although blue manatee bookstore and blue manatee press are separate businesses, on rare occasions the two overlap in the best ways. On Saturday, for example, blue manatee bookstore was lucky enough to host the fall book launch for blue manatee press! Children and adults showed up on Saturday ready to hear authors Noelle Dingeldein (Walter’s Wheels), Andrew Neyer (Letters Are For Learning), and Dr. John Hutton (Your Baby, Always) read and discuss their new books, which were all released September 1. The launch was a great way to get the word out about these new books, and also give our friends at the store a chance to talk  with and get to know a few blue manatee press authors.

Noelle is an artist who works primarily with clay. She brought some of her artwork to display while she read from Walter’s Wheels.


She also brought homemade clay for the kids in attendance to use and make their own art, which they did with great enthusiasm and skill. We wouldn’t be surprised if they all grew up to be clay artists!


Andrew’s book, Letters Are For Learning, is an alphabet book with a twist—each illustration contains items and animals that all begin with the featured letter (for example, the book opens with “A is for adding,” the illustration an anteater adding ants on an abacus). After every page, the kids loved pointing out all the things they could see in the illustrations that began with each letter.

06 DSC_0031

Dr. Hutton read his new book, Your Baby Always, as well as a few others from the Love Baby Healthy series, which the kids enjoyed hearing. Add some cookies and lemonade to the mix, and how could you not enjoy yourself?


And of course, we couldn’t let Noelle or Andrew leave without signing our store wall! (Noelle was so excited to sign her name right next to Jim Borgman’s.)


Andrew and Noelle’s signatures on our store wall!

All in all, the event was a lot of fun. We hope our guests enjoyed themselves as much as the ManaTeam did!

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