Guest Post: BMP Spring Board Books

This week, our friends at blue manatee press were kind enough to guest post on our blog! We’ll be inviting them to do this periodically, in order to provide a publisher’s perspective on the children’s book industry. We hope you enjoy it!

What is blue manatee press?

Hi everyone! Let us introduce ourselves. Although blue manatee press is affiliated with blue manatee children’s bookstore, we are in fact an entirely separate enterprise. To be more specific, we are an independent publishing company founded in 2011 with the mission to create meaningful, enduring books that help bring grownups and children together. You may be familiar with some of our titles:

BMP collage

From top left to right: Toast To Feelings; Lloyd Llama; Letters Are For Learning; Walter’s Wheels; A Day With Monster; Pets; Shark Girl and Belly Button

Or you may not have heard of us at all. That’s okay; we’re happy you’re here now!

bestpresslogo2Although we have a few picture books under our belt, the majority of the titles we publish are board books. Board books are great for babies or very young children because they are small and sturdy, perfect for curious little hands. At an early age, reading is not as much about the story itself as it is about the child interacting with the book: holding it, turning pages, chewing on it (yep), pointing to pictures of objects they recognize, etc. It may not seem like they’re learning much, but in reality these experiences with books are impacting their development tremendously!

However, books can really take a beating this way, and if yours are looking a little worse for the wear, we have three brand-new ones releasing on April 8: Ready For Weather, I See, You See: Day, and Ball. (If you’d like to see a more complete list of our board books, you can do so here.)

Our new board books

Weather cover

Ready For Weather is the latest in Sarah Jones’s ROYGBaby series.

Ready For Weather is the latest addition to ROYGBaby, a series of colorful board books by Sarah Jones designed to teach concepts such as counting, colors, animals, and more! In Ready For Weather, color-coordinated pages introduce young readers to various weather conditions (hot, snowy, rainy) and how to be prepared for them. Will they need a hat? A coat? Sunglasses? A great teaching tool on a number of levels, the bright, colorful illustrations and simple layout make this a book kids will want to revisit again and again.

I See You See cover

I See, You See: Day is a seek-and-find for the youngest readers!

I See, You See: Day is a unique board book that combines an engaging seek-and-find with high-contrast, cut paper illustrations. Because it is wordless, this book allows the parent (or whoever is reading) to drive the conversation with the child about each scene. You’ll both love spotting the three hidden objects on each page, and the high-contrast illustrations are perfect for babies’ developing eyes!

Ball cover

Baby Unplugged: Ball has revised text and brand-new illustrations!

Ball is a little different from the first two. It’s actually a revised edition of a Baby Unplugged™ title; we’ve updated the text and added brand-new illustrations. Perfect for inspiring kids to get outside and play with soccer balls, snowballs, beach balls, and more, Ball is the perfect read as the weather slowly warms up.


Thanks for sticking around for our first guest post! You can get a sneak peek of our spring board books at blue manatee children’s bookstore. Let us know what you think of the books in the comments below!

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