Guest Post: BookExpo America Recap

Thanks for welcoming blue manatee press back for another guest post! This week we’ll be reviewing our time at BookExpo America (BEA), the largest publishing event in North America.

BEA Logo

If you’re unfamiliar with BEA, let us sum it up for you: it’s a book lover’s dream. Thousands of authors, illustrators, librarians, teachers, and publishers come together for three days to talk about nothing but BOOKS. There are exhibitors in booths ready to give you more books than you can carry; there are panels, presentations, and author signings. And, most importantly, there are previews of what’s coming for the entire book industry, although we like to focus on just the children’s book industry. It’s our chance to do a little research, to see what other publishers are doing and what’s trending in children’s books.


The crowd waiting for the exhibit floor to open.


A sample of the exhibit floor. So much to see!

As the above photos indicate, there were a LOT of people at BEA. (Attendance is estimated at 18,000.) Did you ever think so many people would congregate to talk about books each year? It’s impressive, and reassuring to us as publishers and readers, to see such huge crowds at an event like BEA. One of the most important lessons we learned there is this one: Books (read: print books) aren’t going anywhere! Ebooks and Netflix and smart phones haven’t yet killed the demand for quality reading material you can hold in your hands. A quick pause while we do a happy dance.

We at blue manatee press also had the chance to display a portion of our books in the Independent Publishers Group booth. In addition to old favorites and new releases, we also included a few upcoming fall titles that we’re particularly excited about. So mark your calendars—come September, there will be lots of fun new characters to welcome into the blue manatee press family!


Do you recognize any of your favorite titles?

All in all, BEA was a great opportunity for us to not only preview our new titles, but also to connect with people in all areas of the book industry. We hope to use the knowledge we gained to bring you better and better children’s books. And while we have lots of exciting things planned for fall, we do not want readers to forget about our three fabulous spring books: Ready For Weather, Ball, and I See, You See: Day.

Happy reading!



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