Picture Books Full of MONSTROUS Fun!

Halloween is only a few short weeks away! Have you chosen your costumes? Carved your pumpkins? Bought your candy? Good. Now you can concentrate on getting into the mood with some delightfully fun MONSTER BOOKS.

Monster books might be off-putting to kids at first. After all, monsters are scary. Why would you want to read about them? Well, the monsters in these books aren’t scary. They’re furry, funny, and sometimes don’t even realize that they are monsters. Who knows; they might even inspire an epic monster-themed Halloween costume!

If you’re looking for new Halloween reads, check out some of these picture books all about monsters.


The Monster at the End of this Book by Jon Stone & Michael Smollin

A classic that, truly, never gets old. There’s a monster at the end of this book, a fact that thoroughly terrifies furry little Grover. Grover’s hilariously dramatic attempts to stop readers from turning the pages and the book’s surprise ending combine to create a wonderfully lighthearted “monster book” to read this Halloween.


The Little Shop of Monsters by R.L. Stine & Marc Brown

Take the writer who brought us Goosebumps, add the artist behind Arthur, and what do you get? A picture book that manages to be cute, funny, and just a little bit scary. An unnamed narrator guides two children (plus the reader) through the Little Shop of Monsters, which resembles a pet shop full of large, furry, toothy creatures. Most of the monsters are pretty friendly-looking, and only the narrator’s casual asides offer any cause for concern—”This monster’s name is Snacker… Do you know his favorite snack food? (That’s right. Hands.)” It’ll get you into a nice spooky mood, but also might have readers begging for a pet monster.


Quit Calling Me a Monster! by Jory John & Bob Shea

Another power team! Jory John and Bob Shea have combined their talents to bring us Floyd Peterson, a purple, fuzzy guy who really resents being called a monster. Never mind that he matches every characteristic that you would ever find in a monster; that doesn’t mean he is one! Or does it? With characteristic humor, John and Shea have created a new monster hit.


Go to Sleep, Monster! by Kevin Cornell

For a monster book, this one is actually pretty adorable. George can’t sleep because of the monster under his bed, but the monster can’t sleep either; he’s too afraid of the monster underneath him! George, his spunky sister Anna, and an ever-increasing crew of monsters journey down, down, deep under the house, tracking down creatures of all shapes and sizes so that the other monsters will be able to sleep. But when they reach the last one, “in the center-most center of the center of the earth,” he offers a surprising reason for his sleeplessness.


Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

Watch the Big Green Monster grow—two yellow eyes, a long nose, a mouth with sharp teeth—and then, when you’re ready, turn the page and watch him disappear! This book is great for any kids who feel like they need to banish their fear of monsters, or who just like to watch the Big Green Monster vanish for good.


A Day With Monster & Cheer Up, Monster! by Kelli Gleiner

Meet Monster, the friendliest guy on the block! These two board books, dealing with themes of feelings and daily routines (respectively), are perfect for younger audiences. The hand-felted illustrations add a cuddly dimension to Monster and a surprising amount of detail to his surroundings. Little ones will love it!

What are your favorite Halloween picture books? Tell us in the comments below!

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