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Favorite Beginning Readers

Beginning reader books are an excellent and often-used resource for children who are just starting to take steps to reading on their own. Many of us remember them from our own childhoods: thin paperback books with short chapters and large print, divided into “levels” to help build reading skills. In recent years, however, this genre has grown to become more expansive and diverse than ever, with many new, original stories appearing on the shelves each year. Continue Reading

Back to School (Plus a Printable!)

Sorry for the long absence there, ManaFriends! Things have been busy at the store lately, especially with the release of the new Harry Potter book. But we’re hoping to get back on track here. We can’t believe it’s already August!

Parents, you know what that means: it’s time to start thinking about the start of a new school year. The thought is both exciting and anxiety-producing, particularly after such a long break. A lot of schools require summer reading for this reason, to prevent the “summer slide” during almost three months of vacation. But for many schools, while summer reading is encouraged, it is not required (and regardless, getting your kids to read during summer vacation can sometimes feel like pulling teeth). Continue Reading

Series Spotlight: Battle Bugs

This week we’re spotlighting one of our favorite new early reader series: Battle Bugs!

Battle Bugs series 2 Continue Reading